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13-year-old Girl Taken Advantage of by Paedophile in Bradford Hotel

Braford Hotel GirlCCTV footage recently caught a 26-year-old man taking advantage of a 13-year-old girl as he led her to a room at Bradford Hotel. Police say that the cameras caught the last moments of him “grooming” her before he took advantage of her. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, grooming is used to describe the cunning tactics that older men use to seduce young girls.

The young girl, who is not being named, was a runaway. Police later found out that she had already been taken advantage of by three other men who passed her from one to another. Unfortunately, those men were not caught on camera like Shakeal Rehman, who was seen hugging and kissing her at a hotel reception desk. Other security cameras saw them walking down a hallway until they entered a room together.

What the cameras don’t show is that, moments later in the hotel room, Rehman held the girl down and raped her on the bed. Another man, 22 year-old Mohahammed Shapal, who didn’t enter the room at the same time, then proceeded to have sex with her as well.

Matt Fenwick, one of the investigators who spoke with the young girl, said that she had probably been groomed for a while. She was tricked into believing that these men loved her. It’s apparent that she was a victim, but she didn’t know she was. Right now, she is definitely not in victim mode, but it will come.

The investigator noted that young girls like her think that it’s an exciting thing to do at first. They are mixing with older men and feel mature. They are under the impression that they are having a good time. When this girl is being interviewed, she is still trying to protect the men. She really doesn’t want to get them into trouble and continues to insist that she didn’t sleep with any of the men.

It wasn’t until after the investigator’s statement that the girl began to reveal the truth. Her nightmare started in Rotherham, which has a history of this kind of thing happening. In fact, many refer to the Rotherham abuse scandals as one of the worst cases of young girls being groomed and abused. During a 16-year period, nearly 1,400 girls were abused by Asian gangs.

The girl told police that she was picked up by a taxi driver in South Yorkshire. The taxi driver sexually assaulted her four times and then left her with another man who said that he could get her to Leeds. He told her that she was beautiful and that he wanted to be her boyfriend. He ended up taking her to Bradford, where she was picked up by a man called Shaz. He took her home and assaulted her; then he dropped her off in the centre of the city, where she was picked up by Shapal and Rehman. This is when the two men took her to the hotel and raped her.



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