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2 French Police Officers Accused of Raping a Canadian Tourist

French Police CarTravelling overseas is one of the most exciting holidays a traveller can take. That being said, travelling abroad can also be dangerous at times. Luckily, police officers in foreign countries are there to not only protect the locals but holidaymakers also. However, what does someone do when it is the police officers who are taking advantage of the tourists? This is just the situation one Canadian tourist found herself in when travelling to France.

According to reports, two members of the BRI unit, an top French police unit that is in charge of handling gang-related crimes, have been charged with sexually assaulting a female Canadian tourist in the headquarters in Paris. The interior minister of France, Bernard Cazeneuve, said that these two officers are going to be hit with the full consequence of the law if they are found guilty.

To start with, four police officers were arrested. This happened after the 34-year-old Canadian tourist filed an official complaint with the police. She said that she was raped at the police headquarters on the night of April 22. Despite four police officers being taken into custody, only two members of the BRI unit were charged on April 27. The other two officers were released on April 26 after the police carried out an investigation.

The woman said that she met up with the officers at an Irish pub. This is pub is known by its address: 36 Quai des Orfevres. It is a pub that is very frequently visited by the police because of its close proximity to the headquarters. The two officers said that the woman agreed to leave the pub with them to visit the police station in the Saint-Michel district, an area of France that is popular among tourists.

Very soon after that the woman registered a formal criminal complaint. She went through initial medical exams and even had DNA samples taken. At the time of this writing, the results of the test had not been confirmed yet. Of course, it is likely that the DNA test will come back positive for at least one of the officers, because one of them said that he had consensual sex with her. At no point did she ask him to stop.

There is currently a judicial investigation being conducted as well. The police may also be facing another investigation for tampering with evidence at the scene of a crime. This investigation was started after the headquarters noticed that the woman’s stockings and spectacles went missing after she filed a formal complaint.

At this point in the investigation, it is far too early to tell if the cops really did rape the tourist or if she agreed to have sex with them and then, for whatever reason, decided to claim that she was raped. The police said that they plan to get to the bottom of this.



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