2 Transport Ministers say Motorists Told to Ride the Train in Big Traffic Sign Overhaul

Cars on MotorwayNormally when Brits are riding on the motorway, they do not see a lot of signs saying they should have taken the train instead. Well, according to two transport ministers, all of that is about to change. In fact, a big new overhaul to roadway signs is on the way, according to the government.

Mike Penning and Norman Baker, who are two transport ministers, said that this new project is going to be the biggest overhaul of traffic signs in some 40 years. These two ministers, while appearing in front of the Transport Select committee, described this new project as a “complete break” from what people are used to seeing.

The new project is going to involve using “smart” digital signs. These new signs will be able to provide all British motorists with comparison journey times to certain town centers. For example, the signs can tell motorists how long it will take to complete a journey by car or by rail. Of course, the signs will also be able to give motorists “alternative routes” off the motorway to get them to their destination quicker.

The whole point of the signs, according to the government, is to provide travelers with better information. However, in the end, the choice is still left up to them. Just because it may be quicker to take the rail instead of the motorway, travelers still have the option to do either.

Of course, Baker says that people are going to want to switch. He pointed out that, once drivers see a sign telling them that they could cut their journey time in half by traveling on rail instead on the motorway, they are going to want to make the switch. Overall, the signs will at least get a lot of people thinking about rail travel.

Mr Penning said that the government is looking for ways to improve the flow of traffic on motorways. He believes that, by cutting delays and helping the flow of traffic, road accidents can be decreased. Both of the ministers also agree that these signs can help the country’s economy. By cutting back on delays, people can be more productive overall.

However, not everyone was impressed with their little speech. In fact, the AA said that persuading drivers to switch from car to rail by placing signs on the motorway is going to be a hard task. These optimistic messages may also leave people feeling very disappointed once they switch and the results are not as great as they thought they would be.

A spokesman for the AA organization, Paul Watters, went on to say that they welcome the improved “interchange opportunities.” However, signing alone is not going to be the answer here. There has to be an excellent “park and ride” facility for people. It has to be easier for drivers to get off the roadway and jump on a train.



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