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20-year-old in Birmingham Admits to Raping a Young Toddler

Paul Anthony WilsonSome very distributing reports have just recently surfaced. Apparently a 20-year-old nursery worker, on Tuesday, admitted that he had raped a toddler in his care. He also came clean and admitted to the other offenses he had been accused of. This did include posting pictures of some 20 other girls online.

The man, Paul Anthony Wilson, did plead guilty at the Birmingham Crown Court. Reports suggest that he pleaded guilty to two counts of oral rape of a girl aged three years old. These same reports also suggest that he admitted to some 45 counts of making, as well as distributing, indecent images of underage kids on the internet. He also pleaded guilty in prompting young girls to engage in “sexual activity.”

The other charges related to some 22 other girls that he had met online. Apparently these girls were between the ages of 12 and 15. Reports said that Wilson had actually used multiple identities to befriend these girls on chat logs and other social networking sites. One expert said that this is a testament to just how dangerous these social networking sites can be. When young girls befriend people they do not know, they really have no idea who they are actually befriending.

Wilson, after gaining the trust of his victims, would ask them to expose themselves and perform sexual acts on webcam. Later on he would use these sexual videos to blackmail these young girls into carrying out his orders. If they did not listen to him, he threatened to show the images and the movies to their best friends and family members. Apparently one of his victims, who cannot be named, said that she was given the choice of carrying out doing these sexual deeds on webcam or to go through months of humiliation after he showed the images to everyone she knew. She did not want to perform the sexual acts, but she felt she had no choice.

Paul Wilson was finally arrested back in January. The arrest took place after police investigating the case raided his flat. There they found some images of sexual child abuse on his mobile phone. Due to his arrest, the nursery that he worked at was temporary closed. The nursery was called the Little Stars Nursery, and it was located in Birmingham.

Detective Chief Inspector Garry Booth said that Wilson’s actions were calculated and carefully planned out. Over time he was able to make friends with these girls. However, his sole purpose for doing this was to get them to take part in sexual acts. Judge William Davis apparently said that it was very likely that a life jail term was going to be imposed when his sentencing started on July 27. He told Wilson that this was going to happen, because the public has to be “protected” from him.



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