3D TVs Expected to be Used in a Very Limited Way in the UK

TV with "3D" Popping Out3D is currently a big topic in terms of entertainment. Whether people are watching 3D on the big screen or if they are watching it at home, people are experiencing a new age of 3D entertainment. That being said, experts are saying that the 3D TV is not expected to really “catch on.”

Now this does not mean that sales of 3D TVs will be terrible. In fact, reports suggest that some 11 million homes in the UK will have a TV with the ability of displaying 3D images by 2016. However, the use of this 3D technology will more than likely remain nothing more than a novelty. This news could come as a shock to some, as many big names are heavily investing in 3D technology.

Out of the 125,000 people who have apparently already bought a 3D television, almost 90 percent of them are active 3D viewers. Now that, overall, is a very good ratio. So it begs the question: Why will this ratio drop once more people start getting a 3D TV?

One technology expert said that answer is actually pretty simple. More and more TVs nowadays have the ability to show images in 3D. In fact, the ability to watch 3D on televisions could very well just become one of those add-on features for televisions. He used DVD players as an example. He said that most DVD players have the ability to play CDs. Yes, some people use this feature, but most people just use their DVD players to watch movies. The same could be said for the future of 3D TV.

Thus, what he is trying to say is that 3D may become one of those features that technology giants like Sony and Samsung feel like they need to include in their TVs. Owners of these TVs can say that their TVs play movies in 3D, but that does not mean that they use it.

Despite this, many big name broadcasters are really trying to push 3D programming. They are hoping that it will catch on much like HD TV did. Channels like Sky, BBC and many more already offer their own 3D programming.

Of course, 3D is not just being pushed in the home; it’s being pushed everywhere. In fact, some cell phone makers are trying to come up with 3D phones. Game developers, like Nintendo, have already come up with glasses free 3D. However, Nintendo, despite their new hand held console, does not feel the world is ready to go full 3D yet.

In fact, Nintendo said that the 3DS has generated a lot of buzz, because it offers glasses free 3D. This is a type of technology that is not yet available for home TVs because of the wide viewing angle needed. This is one of the main reasons why Nintendo’s next home console is not going to focus on 3D.



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