3DS Sales Skyrocket After Price Cut

Nintendo 3DSApparently, a lot of people wanted to get their hands on the Nintendo 3DS. They just didn’t like the price tag. Now, with the 3DS price cut in full effect, sales for the hand-held system have skyrocketed. Japan has seen sales for the system increase over 50 fold.

The price cut for Japan took place last week and saw the price of the 3DS drop nearly 40 percent. Ever since the price drop, 3DS systems have been flying off store shelves and are becoming hard to find. In fact, experts say that the 3DS has seen its best week since its launch back in February.

Current figures suggest that the 3DS sold almost 215,000 units in Japan last week. This is a pretty huge improvement over the 4,000 3DS systems that were sold in Japan the week before the price cut (according to some sources). Either way, the 3DS has rebounded in ways that the gaming industry simply did not think possible.

Now that more 3DS systems are being sold, Nintendo will also see a huge increase in game sales. With almost every new system that is being sold, at least one game is being picked up along with it. This should cause a huge spike in sales for the games that are already available for the system. Of course, there are a few games that should benefit from this increase the most. Games like “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D” and “Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition” have already proven to be popular sellers. With more systems being sold, it is likely that these games will see a boost in sales.

The good news does not stop there for Nintendo. With this new surge of interest in the 3DS, and the fact that the PlayStation Vita will not be out in time for the holiday season outside Japan, Nintendo looks to have a very promising holiday season. This news can only be boosted by the fact that Nintendo has a strong line-up of games on the way for the system. Some of the games, like “Mario Kart 7,” “Star Fox” and “Super Mario 3D Land,” could prove to be system sellers.

However, things are not looking so good for Nintendo’s iconic Wii system. There have been so many Wii systems sold (it leads the current “console war” in terms of sales), that pretty much anyone who wanted one has already gotten one. Furthermore, the Wii has a lack-luster line-up of games coming out. The big hits for the system are limited to “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword,” “Kirby,” and “Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.” Wii sales have also been damaged by the announcement of the more powerful Wii U. This new system will be out next year.

There are some big games out for the Wii right now in Japan, however. These games include “The Last Story,” “Pandora’s Tower,” and “Xenoblade.” All these games look much better in terms of graphics than other Wii games out now, and they are selling well in Japan. However, none of them have been released outside Japan. If sales remain strong, these games still may see the light of day outside the land of the rising sun.



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