A Week of Travel Chaos Caused by Bad Weather and a Woman Being Struck by a Car

Cars on Snowy HighwayPeople in the UK have been suffering from travel problems on the motorways all week. It all started earlier when a woman was killed by a vehicle when she was walking along the M25. Travel problems continued throughout the week when terrible weather conditions caused delays on the M65. As winter continues to march on, experts say people should expect to see more delays caused by weather.

The first travel chaos was caused when a woman was hit while walking down the M35 in the early morning. Right now, detectives don’t have much to go on. However, they are sure that someone must have seen the accident happen. They are asking anyone with information on this case to come forward. The accident happened at 2:50 a.m. on Sunday, Jan. 11. The woman was killed by the hit, and the driver drove off.

Apparently, the woman was walking around the stretch of road at Junction 13. Although investigators have no video evidence that she was hit by a car, the injuries on her body are common with those found on a body that was hit by a car.

The travel chaos was caused as the M25 had to be closed from Junction 14 to Junction 12. This posed problems for people who were trying to get to Heathrow Airport at Junction 14. Although the road is back open, police in Surrey say that it was closed for “some time.”

For people in north Lancashire, ice and snow caused even more travel chaos later in the week. Most of the delays were seen during morning rush hour. On Wednesday, Jan. 14, snow and ice were found all over the roads in the early hours of the morning. This caused a lot of traffic to build up on the M65.

Police in the area called the driving conditions “treacherous.” The Lancashire County Council said that they are doing everything in their power to keep the roads safe to drive on. In fact, they have nine gritter tricks going up and down main roads to keep them free of ice and snow.

Once these trucks break up the ice and snow, the roads are usually safe to drive on during the early to late afternoon hours. However, during the night, this broken up ice and snow re-freezes. This causes even more problems for people in the morning. Expect these icy conditions to continue to be a problem for the rest of the week.



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