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ABTA Releases New Study on Brits’ Travel Habits

ABTA LogoA well-known travel association, the ABTA has released its annual report. This report has provided travel firms and the general public with information regarding the travel habits of Brits. According to ABTA, Brits only took about 3.1 holidays in the 12 months that led up to August 2013. This is down from the 3.9 that Brits took during the 2010 to 2011 report.

According to ABTA, Brits were far more likely to stay home than travel overseas. In total, Brits took about 1.9 domestic trips and only about 1.2 overseas trips. The age group that seemed to take the most trips was the young crowd between 16 and 24. This age group helped to make the travel habits of Brits look a little beefier by taking 3.7 trips on average.

Despite the fact that Brits between the ages of 16 and 24 are travelling more than any other age group, the number of trips people within this age group are taking is still down from 4.7 a year earlier. The only age group that saw an increase in the number of holidays taken this year was the 55 to 64 group. They took nearly 3.2 trips on average this year, which was up from the 2.7 taken last year.

The head of communications for the ABTA, Victoria Bacon, said that she believes that it was the summer heat wave that kept people from travelling this year. She went on to say that the majority of British holidaymakers still count on their PC when they do decide to book a trip. The need for holiday firms to book holidays for Brits is declining thanks to how easy it is to book a trip on tablets and mobile devices. Travel companies want to make it easier for people to book holidays, and in turn, it is cutting out the middle man.

In terms of overseas trips, Londoners took more than the rest of Britain at 1.6. Scots, on the other hand, took the crown for more domestic breaks taken at 2.3. People living in Northern Ireland, however, seem to dislike taking trips at all. This area saw the fewest number of holidays taken at 2.5 overall and just 0.8 average trips abroad.

The type of holidays that people were taking, either beach or city breaks, seem just about equally as popular. Each one accounted for just over 40 percent of all holidays booked in 2013. The rest was split up over cruises, music events and rail travel.

The travel industry as a whole still has a long way to go before it can be considered fully recovered. Although some industries are reporting an increase in profits due to an influx of travellers, others are still closing their doors for good. The truth is that the market is not going to bounce back all at once. It will take time for travel firms to regain consumer confidence.



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