ACCC approves tie-up between Qantas and Emirates

Qantas Airways PlaneThe Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, also known as the ACCC, has just recently approved the tie-up between Qantas Airways and Emirates. This new tie-up, which was just approved at the end of last week, allows these two companies to work together for five years to start with. After this five years, if the ACCC determines that no competition issues have arisen, the two companies will be allowed to continue their joint partnership.

To celebrate this recent approval, two Airbus A380 jets made a flight over the Sydney Harbor Bridge. According to the companies, this is a huge “seismic shift” in terms of Australian aviation. They are saying that this new tie-up now brings Europe “two hours” closer.

According to the ACCC, these two companies now have the right to coordinate, not only their schedules, but their ticket prices as well. Both Qantas and Emirates have stated that this tie-up is not going to cause any kind of competition issues.

This new tie-up will also allow Qantas to switch its main hub for all flights out of Europe from Singapore to Emirates’ Dubai. This is big because it moves Qantas’ main hub just that much closer to Australia. In some cases, it could even make some flights shorter.

Alan Joyce, who is the chief executive of Qantas, said that Dubai is actually the best hub for his company in this century. From this location, it means that Qantas has about an eight-hour flight time to 75% of the world’s entire population. This has extended its marketplace a ton, and that is just what Qantas needed.

Time Clark, who is the president of Emirates, recently said during a press conference that this new partnership was actually going to have great benefits for both companies. Not only that, it is going to offer a ton of great benefits for both companies’ consumers. For the most part, they will see their flight time cut when flying to popular European destinations.

Joyce added that this is actually one of the hugest days in Qantas’ long 92-year history. This is mostly because this new partnership is going to play a huge role in the future of the company. Of course, it will also mean big things for Emirates. For Qantas, the best thing about this partnership is the joint network. This network is going to be a big part of taking on the structural challenges that Qantas has been struggling with for some time. Really, it is a huge shift in global aviation for the company.

Anthony Albanese, who is the Transport Minister for Australia, said that he believes this new arrangement will bring benefits, not only to the airlines, but to consumers as well. He said that they are aware the impact of this tie-up is going to be significant for the industry. However, they truly believe it is going to be significant in a good way. It will really open up tons of opportunities for businesses across Australia. Aside from that, it should benefit tourism in Australia.



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