Aeromexico Finds Itself in a PR Nightmare Over an Ad

Aeromexico planeOne of the most popular airlines in Mexico now finds itself in the middle of a PR nightmare. This happened after people became upset over a casting call for an ad for Aeromexico that asked for only light-skinned actors to try out. This has caused a number of people to become upset and even blame the airline. The real question is: Who should be blamed for this, the company making the ad or the airline itself?

Just last week, the company that is producing the new Aeromexico ad stated what the qualifications are to be in the ad. As it turns out, the company is looking for light-skinned or white actors that can perform in the ad. It also stated that people will be disqualified from taking part in the ad if they have blonde hair or blue eyes. These are things that it simply does not want to have in the ad because the producers are going for what they call the Polanco look. This is a term that is used to reference the wealthiest people in Mexico City, which is actually almost an exclusive white district.

The problem is, this kind of discrimination in not legal in Mexico. It also makes for bad publicity, which is the exact opposite of what Aeromexico wants from its ad. Right now, credit for uncovering this illegal casting call is a Twitter user by the name of De Anda@plaqueta. Her Twitter page, which is in Spanish, points out that this casting call is completely illegal.

It did not take long Aeromexico to go on the defensive over this ad. It quickly started to apologize to everyone over the discriminatory casting call. That being said, Aeromexico is not willing to take the blame for this one. Instead, it is saying that the ones to blame here are the people at Catatonia Ad Agency. The airline said that this is the agency that is taking care of the ad, and it was the agency that placed the ad for the casting call.

Of course, the pointing of fingers does not stop there. Catatonia Ad Agency said that it is not to blame either. However, this agency feels that neither party is at fault here. Instead, Catatonia Ad Agency said that the real person to blame is a third-party contractor that it hired. Apparently, it was the contractor who wrote the casting call requirements that landed everyone in hot water. On top of that, Catatonia Ad Agency said that this contractor also distributed this casting call to different modelling agencies without telling Catatonia Ad Agency about it.

Catatonia Ad Agency did not stop there either. It went on to blame Tamara de Anda as well. It said that she took it upon herself to start posting this flier all over Twitter without having all of the information about it.

Needless to say, after all of this, the ad for Aeromexico was never made. It has not been made clear just yet if it is going to make another commercial to replace this ad or not. Either way, Aeromexico will probably avoid using Catatonia Ad Agency in the future.



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