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Air Strike Launched by Pakistan Military After Taliban Attacks School

Pakistan military personnel escort children to safetyAnyone who was thinking of travelling to Pakistan in the near future may want to hold off on the trip for a while. This is because tensions have just escalated between the Pakistan military and the Taliban. The military launched a huge air strike against the Taliban in retaliation of its massacre on a military-run school.

According to reports, the Taliban attacked the Peshawar school in the morning of Dec. 16. While school was just getting started, seven attackers rushed into the school wearing suicide vests and carrying guns in Army uniforms. The men started to open classroom doors and shooting children and teachers. A few of the students were taken hostage.

The attack left more than 140 people dead. Sadly, 132 of the people who died were children. It was later learned that most of the kids who attended this school were the children of people who serve in the Pakistan military. It’s very apparent that this attack was done as a way to get back at the military. This is being classified as the most horrific incident that has happened in the country over the last decade because the number of children who were killed in this conflict far outweighs anything else that has happened before.

The major general of the Pakistan military, Asim Salim, said that they were able to save 960 students and a few of the staff members. However it’s still a shame for the families who lost their children in such a brutal attack.

Muhammad Umar Khorasani, a spokesman for the Taliban, said that they selected to hit the school where children of the army attend. This was a choice that was made because the government has been targeting the families and females of the Taliban. Now, the Taliban wants them to feel pain.

Nawaz Sharif, the prime minister of Pakistan, ordered an air strike against the Taliban. He said that this massacre is nothing short of a national tragedy and cannot be left unanswered. The government is going to work hard along with the Army to make sure that terrorism is ripped out of the land forever.

Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India, said that this was the most cowardly attack he has ever heard of. It was completely senseless and shows unspeakable brutality. It has claimed the lives of many innocents who had no idea why they were being targeted.



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