AirAsia X announces launch of Kid-Free Zone

AirAsia X PlaneStarting this week, consumers who are flying with AirAsia X will have the choice of flying without sitting next to noisy kids. This is thanks to a new section that they will be adding to their planes called the “kid-free zone”. Here, kids under the age of 12 are banned. Apparently, this new section will pertain to the first 7 rows of economy class.

During an official press release, the CEO of Air Asia X, Osman-Rani, said that this new section was designed with a certain group of people in mind. It’s being rolled out for people who are looking for peace of mind when they fly.

The whole idea behind this new section is pretty easy to understand. Not everyone has kids or travels with kids. Why should the people who don’t have kids be forced to put up with travelers who do? While some travelers are bound to be frustrated by this new rule, other passengers have been “frustrated” by flying with noisy kids for many years.

The way the new ruling works is as simple to understand as the idea itself. Passengers who are booking long-haul flights with AirAsia X can now choose to buy a seat within the first 7 rows of a plane. If they do, they can rest assured that they will not be seated next to a passenger under the age of twelve.

Of course, peace of mind does come at a cost. The passengers who book a seat within these first 7 rows will be forced to pay additional costs. The prices can range from RM 35 to RM 110 (£7 to £22.50). However, it should be noted, that this extra cost is the same as the standard fee for picking a specific seat on a plane. So passengers are really just choosing to pick a seat where they know kids are not located, which used to be impossible.

Although most people refer to this area of the plane as the “kid-free zone”, it is officially being called the Quiet Zone. It is very likely that the airline chose to go with that name to avoid any kind of public backlash for banishing kids from a certain section of the plane. Although the new rule stays the same, sometimes a new name can make all the difference.

There are other benefits to riding in the Quite Zone as well. Aside from there being no one under the age of twelve, passengers will also enjoy softer lighting. These first 7 rows are also semi-sectioned off from the rest of the plane by bulkheads and toilets. In theory, this is supposed to keep people from being able to hear the kids who may be located in the back of the plane.

Of course, people are questioning whether or not it is worth paying to sit in these seats or not. Most people assume that they will still be able to hear kids, even if they are sitting in this “kid-free zone”. After all, a screaming kid has the ability to make their presence known, and most people do not think that a few toilets and bulkheads are going to keep those noises from reaching their ears. Either way, it has to be better than having a seat right next to the kid.



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