Airbus Comes Up With New Idea for Passengers to Track Their Bags No Matter Where They Are

AirbusThere are a lot of things people hate about flying. They don’t like the hidden fees, they hate sitting next to noisy kids and they can’t stand when the airline loses their luggage. Normally there is not much a passenger can do to fix these issues. However, Airbus is trying hard to come up with new technology that can help people keep track of their luggage no matter where it is or where it ends up.

Many people who have travelled by plane have experienced this problem at one point or another. They check in their bags, jump on their flight and never see their bags again. The ones that do get their bags back usually don’t see them for many weeks. This is because airlines have to track down the bags and find out how they got stock on the wrong plane to begin with. Now Airbus thinks it has come up with a way to improve the checked bag experience at the airport.

This new idea is being called Bag2Go. In short, this is a new suitcase like bag that comes with its own phone app. In short, passengers can pack their belongings into these bags and keep track of their luggage no matter where it ends up. Although this is an idea that other companies have been working on as well, Airbus feels it has nailed it and streamlined the process.

So the real question is: How does this Bag2Go service work? Pretty much, these bags are fitted with RFID chips. These chips are able to send messages back and forth between your bags and the airport’s computer system. This way the airport and the consumer can see where the bags are all the time. In fact, this system even comes with phone apps so that consumers can check on the status of their bag on their own.

The great news is that these bags can be used more than once. Every time a consumer goes to check in for a new flight, the RFID chip is updated with the new trip information. Thus, this is a gift that just keeps on giving.

Of course, these RFID chips can offer more information than just GPS information. They are also able to inform consumers about the weight of their bag via a built-in scale. This kind of information could be helpful in a number of ways. However, for the time beginning, Airbus did not go into detail on why they decided to include this built-in scale. This scale might only be in place to help streamline the check-in process. This way an airport knows exactly how much your bags weigh right away.

So far, Airbus has not announced an official date as to when they might roll out this new Bags2Go system. However, they did say that the system was in its final stages of testing. It will be interesting to see if this new technology is able to help make the check-in process a little less unpredictable.



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