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Airbus Reveals Vision for Transparent Planes by 2050

Airbus 2050 Concept PlaneAirbus has revealed its vision on what future aircraft will look like and how they could change the experiences that passengers have on flights in 2050. The manufacturer hopes, of course, that it will be building these one day.

In a video, Airbus shows an aircraft that doesn’t need cabin crew to greet passengers or guide them to the right aisle or seat. Instead, flight attendants have been replaced with hand-print scanners that check travellers in and a screen that shows them where their seat is located in the plane. It also shows the passenger putting his/her carry-on onto a platform that moves the item to the overhead compartment above their seat by itself.

Then the traveller moves to their seat, which is in the ‘Smart Tech’ area of the plane in the video. This zone is designed for more functional-oriented passengers and has a chameleon-style offering that will meet their individual needs – from simple to complete luxury services – while allowing them to continue life as if they were still on the ground.

While the plane is flying, passengers will be able to enjoy an ‘Interaction’ area of the aircraft. Here they would be able to see where the flight is in the air in relation to the ground, play simulation golf or other leisure activities, have an in-flight conference or have a couple of drinks at a bar that seemingly comes up out of the floor.

The next part of the video seems to be the coolest, however. It appears that passengers will be able to change the location of their seat if they like. In this case, the traveller chooses to move from the ‘Smart Tech’ area to the ‘Visualizing’ area, where there is a transparent roof on the plane. This would give passengers panoramic views while being strong enough to withstand the pressures of flying. In this area of the plane, customers will be able to relax in antioxidant and vitamin enriched air, aromatherapy and acupressure treatments, as well as mood lighting.

Another thing that was noticeable was that the video didn’t show a cockpit anywhere. However, it does show a ball-like thing at the front of the aircraft with a screen showing how high a mountain in its view is. Maybe Airbus thinks that there won’t be a need for a cockpit or pilots, or at least maybe they don’t have to be on the plane for it to fly. Basically, everything could be operated with computers.

Charles Champion, the executive vice president of engineering at Airbus, says that their research shows that travellers will expect a seamless travel experience by 2050, as well as care for the environment. The concept cabin has been designed with that in mind, showing that the journey can have just as much to discover as the destination.



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