Airline industry in trouble as passenger complaints continue to rise

Plane LandingPeople are starting to travel again; however, this does not mean that all of the individual industries within the tourism market are doing well. In fact, there are some sectors of this market that still have a long way to go. One such sector would be the airline industry.

According to the Department of Transportation, airline passenger complaints have been on the rise. In fact, the agency says that complaints actually rose by close to one-fifth last year. This rise came despite the fact that many airlines have improved measures to ensure that flights are on time and bags are no longer lost. Apparently, people no longer feel like this is enough. Passengers feel that on-time flights alone don’t make airlines good. They don’t feel like airlines should get a pat on the back for this.

Research done by private companies has analysed the data that released by the government. They said that people are expecting more out of airlines now. Getting by on doing the bear minimum no longer impresses passengers. People are learning that there are other ways to travel, and they are using these alternative travel methods whenever possible. When it can’t be helped, and they have to fly, they are finding themselves troubled by the terrible service offered by airlines.

A business professor from Wichita State University, Dean Headley, said that airlines have tried to turn 130-seat planes into 150-seat planes. They are doing this to make more money per flight. Unfortunately, this is making flights over packed and noisier. No one wants to deal with these kinds of travel conditions.

He added that people are saying the airline industry is going in the wrong direction, and they are shutting passengers out. At some point, airlines are going to have to stop adding more seats to planes and start adding more space.

Of course, airlines are not just squeezing seats together. They are also making airline bathrooms more compact. This is a problem since most people felt these bathrooms were already small enough. It is getting to the point where an average-sized male has trouble fitting into these rooms comfortably.

Headley finished up, saying that he cannot even imagine the uproar that consumers would have if airlines start making the toilets smaller just to fit in more seats. However, would this really keep people from flying? Of course not. People still have to fly, but it does not mean that they are going to enjoy the experience. This is why budget airlines are starting to win out over full service airlines. People figure they are going to hate the trip either way, so they might as well save some money doing it.

The truth is that people are losing faith in the airline industry. This is great for other forms of travel, like car rentals. People are now finding out that it is cheaper and more enjoyable to rent a car for short distance trips than to fly. If the airline industry does not change soon, they are going to lose the short distance travellers altogether.



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