Airlines in the United States Switch to Smaller Seats

View of Plane Seats and WindowIt now appears that airlines in the United States are switching to smaller seats on their planes. They believe that getting rid of the bulky seats will allow them to fit more passengers on each flight. This is an idea that may soon make its way over to the UK and other parts of Europe.

The real question is, “How many more seats will they get on a plane by making everyone sit in smaller seats?” According to industry insiders, airlines will only get about six more seats on every plane. This will make them a few thousand more dollars per flight, but passengers in economy will suffer for it.

This switch will be made by many airlines across the United States. This includes switching to smaller seats on international and domestic routes. Of course, there is nothing people can say to change the airlines’ minds about all of this. After all, they will not only get more passengers on each flight, but they will also save money with cheaper fuel bills.

These seats, which are likely to be a little smaller in terms of seating room, also have smaller backs. This means that the seats weigh a lot less than previous seats. With all of the extra weight taken off each flight, airlines will save money on their fuel bills.

It is not yet known if these savings will be passed on to consumers or not. With more passengers on each flight and fuel bills being lower, airlines will be able to charge less per ticket. However, if they keep the prices the same, they will just end up making more money.

Airlines also believe that this may force some people to start paying extra money for the premium seats that are located toward the front of the plane. After all, if a customer is going to be uncomfortable for hours, it is much more likely that they will shell out some extra money on their long-haul flight to get a little more leg room.

The airlines are very quick to point out that most people will not notice. They state that if the media had not made a big deal about it, no one would have ever noticed that the seats were smaller. In fact, most of the seats that have been shaved off are in the back of the plane. The part of the seat that holds the tray and magazine pocket is now smaller. The seats are made with lighter padding and thinner frames as well. This is not going to affect passengers in the least.

So far, Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines and American Airlines have all admitted that they are adding more seats per plane. This is likely due to the thinner and smaller seats. For Alaska Airlines, its Boeing 737s will all get an extra row of seats. American Airlines will be adding the extra seats to its MD-80s, and Delta will put them on its MD-90s.



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