Airports and Airlines in China Found to be the Worst in Terms of Delays

Beijing TempleAll travellers who are thinking of flying in or out of China should expect delays. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, the Chinese airline industry always seems to be backed up. In fact, a new survey by FlightStats has found that China is the world’s worst country when it comes to airline and airport delays.

This survey shows that just one out of every five planes that fly in or out of Beijing are on time. In fact, just last month Beijing airport actually had the lowest proportion of flights leaving the city on time at only 18 percent. This means that a whopping 82 percent were delayed.

This is bad news for China as a whole, and that goes double for Beijing. Beijing is a business hot spot. There are tons of business travellers that come in and out of Beijing every day. With so many delays, companies might think about moving their business plans to other cities, maybe even some cites outside of China.

Of course, it is not just Beijing that has a problem with on-time flights in China. Things were almost equally bad for Shanghai, which had an on-time rating of about 29 percent.  Although this is a huge step up from Beijing, it is still nearly 10 percent lower than the second-worst performer outside of China, and that is Istanbul.

Although these stats look bad, they cannot all be blamed on the airports in China or on the country itself. Among all the airlines in China, it is the mainland Chinese carriers that make up most of the worst-performing airlines. In fact, eight out of 10 of the worst-performing airlines in China are mainland Chinese carriers.

Even the country’s flag carrier, Air China, was on this list of worst airlines in China. This airline was sixth from the bottom due to its poor on-time rating of 54 percent. In short, this means that just over half of its flights ever leave on time. When Air China was contacted about this poor performance, it had no comment on the matter.

In general, however, there has to be one main reason why there are so many delays in China. After all, no other country has this much trouble with punctual flights. Most industry experts say that most of these delays are due to China’s very tough Air Force restrictions on airspace. These restrictions cause a lot of heavy congestion, which results in airline delays.

Another problem China is facing is an increase in the number of people who travel. China has a huge population, and with the rise of cheap tickets, traveling is in more people’s budgets now. Slap an increase in passengers on top of poorly managed airlines, and it is no wonder why China holds the world’s worst on-time rating. It is unlikely that China will be able to overcome this problem anytime soon.



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