Al-Qaeda’s List of the Top Targets It Wants to Bomb Includes The Savoy Hotel

The SavoyThe Internet is full of top lists. However, there are few that are as chilling as the one that was recently published by Al-Qaeda. The terrorist group just recently put out its list of top targets that it would like to bomb. Included on this list was The Savoy hotel in London.

This list was published in the 12th issue of a magazine called Inspire. This is a magazine that is actually published and distributed by Al-Qaeda. The magazine called for its followers to attack and bomb crowded areas. It even went as far as to give suggested sites to bomb, which were broken down by country.

For the UK, this included The Savoy hotel in London. This is a hotel that has been around for nearly 115 years and is frequently visited by celebrities from all over the world. Al-Qaeda also suggested bombing the Cheltenham Festival and football matches.

Some of the other areas that were listed as possible bomb sites included the Louvre in Paris and the Sears Tower in Chicago. These are areas that counter-terrorism groups have been monitoring for some time because they assumed these were spots that might draw terrorists’ attention. Either way, this magazine is sure to hurt the business of the places that were labeled. Some of the hotels that were listed in the magazine have been contacted for a statement, but none of them have released public comments.

Inspire even told followers to get creative and build their own bombs. This included building car bombs that will blow up when the vehicles are started. It said that car bombs can be placed outside of hotels and blown up for maximum damage. According to the magazine, these attacks should be carried out at around 10 p.m. This is when traffic at most of these targets is the highest. By striking then, each bomber can take out a high number of victims.

The magazine did not stop at just giving a list of places to bomb. It also had editorial pieces that made fun of governments that were unable to stop bombings in the past. One example was the magazine making fun of the United States government for being unable to stop the Boston Marathon attack.

The Metropolitan Police released a statement after the magazine was released saying that its counter-terrorism unit is currently monitoring the magazine. It wants to go over all of details and be ready for any kind of attack that might occur. Many of the places that are described will now have added security.

Of course, not everyone is taking everything the magazine says to heart. Experts say that while counter-terrorism units should be keeping an eye on these places, they also need to be aware that this could be a setup by A1-Qaeda. While counter-terrorism units are focusing on the places listed in the magazine, security in other places may become lax. Everyone needs to stay on their toes.



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