American Airlines computer glitch leaves many passengers grounded

American Airlines PlaneThe airline industry has been in the middle of a huge turnaround. Although things are still far from perfect, people are starting to travel again. The last thing that the airline industry needs to deal with is setbacks. Unfortunately for American Airlines, that is just what it had to deal with after a bug in its reservations system left tons of passengers grounded. Thankfully, the glitch has now been fixed and flights have resumed.

On the American Airlines’ Facebook page, the airline said that the glitch it found in its reservations system has been taken care of, and the system is fully restored. Despite this, the airline was still expecting delays and cancellations to continue throughout the rest of Wednesday.

Due to the system glitch, even American Eagle services were affected as well. Most of these flights were grounded as the airlines worked out what the problem was. In total, the airlines cancelled over 783 flights yesterday afternoon. The airlines are working hard on getting people onto other flights. They did apologize for any inconvenience these computer glitches have caused.

Mary Frances Fagan, who is a spokeswoman for American Airlines, said that the network was suffering sporadic outages. At the time, the airline was not sure what was causing this, so the system had to be shut down. This glitch was later found to be in the reservation system. It is still unclear if the problem was in the hardware or the software, but the problem has now been worked out.

She went on to say that the airline is currently working with passengers who have been left stranded in different cities. Since the problem was on American Airlines’ side, passengers who want to make changes to their reservations will not be charged any extra. Not only that, but the airline will, of course, offer full refunds to anyone who wishes to cancel their travel plans or have travel plans that are not flexible.

American Airlines later said that, if consumers must travel and are at the airport already, they can rebook with another carrier by simply speaking with an American Airlines travel agent. They can also do this by going to other airlines with their tickets. If people have to travel and are not at the airport yet, they are able to rebook another flight through the American Airlines reservation system, which is back up and running.

Despite all that American Airlines was doing to keep people happy, its Twitter account was overflowing with fuming tweets from people who were affected by the problem. Yesterday, the airline was online apologizing almost every minute to different people for their problems. This was the airline’s attempt at crowd control.

Needless to say, a ton of people were affected by this outage. In fact, the airline says that it flies nearly 3,400 flights every day. This means that they carry close to 275,000 people on any given day. Although no official report has been released as to how many people were affected by this outage, it is safe to assume that thousands of people all over the world are suffering because of it.



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