Another Cyclist Ends Up On Busy Motorway Thanks to Bad iPhone App Directions

M3How much do people trust their phones? After all, they use them for everything, including making phone calls, playing games and even getting directions. However, it may be the last thing that has gotten so many people into trouble lately. In some cases, it has even put people in dangerous situations.

Local police reports show that a second cyclist in a two-week period has been stopped by officers on a busy motorway. Just like the cyclist who was stopped last week, this one was following an app on his phone that was designed for navigation. It is not clear if both riders were using the same app or not. Either way, both apps led the riders down motorways with speed limits reaching 70 mph. It seems pretty safe to say that these are not roads that cyclist should be on.

The latest cyclist was seen on the M3 motorway. He was on the stretch of road between Sunbury and Surrey, making his way to the M25. Drivers using the M3 contacted police to apprehend the rider. He was not only endangering himself, but he was causing traffic problems as well. A crew of police road units got the rider out of the road soon after. The previous cyclist was on the M25 very close to the same junction. Both riders say that their phones took them there by mistake.

Some may think that people would be thankful that the man was not hurt. However, responses to this incident have been generally negative on social media sites. Some Twitter users have said things like smartphones seem to be smarter than most riders. Others told the cyclists to try disengaging their apps and engaging their brains. In short, it does not look like the cyclists are going to get much fanfare on Twitter anytime soon.

This time the police were able to get the cyclist out of the road pretty quickly. One police unit was keeping people up to date on his Twitter, saying that another cyclist was been found on a busy motorway, this time on the M3. He added that police surrounded him and removed him from the motorway. The same officer also told everyone that the cyclist was following an app on his phone, just like the cyclist who was caught last week.

The traffic problems that were caused in both cases were very minor. For the most part, the problems were limited to traffic delays as drivers slowed to watch the cyclist going down the road and the police surrounding him. Drivers always slow down when they see an event like this taking place. This not only causes more traffic delays but is extremely dangerous.



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