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Apple Finally Settles with Nokia Over Patenting Issues

Nokia vs Apple (logos)It seems that just recently Nokia won a very rare battle over Apple in the courtroom. In fact, reports show that Apple has just caved in and signed a patent license agreement with Nokia. This news comes as both companies finally retracted their United States International Trade Commission complaints.

For those that do not know, Nokia and Apple had been fighting it out in the courtroom after Nokia claimed that Apple was guilty of patent infringement. Both of the companies took their complaints to the International Trade Commission several months ago. In the end, it appears that Apple thinks it would just be less costly to settle with Nokia than it would be to continue to pay for lawyers to fight this battle.

In the end, the upper hand went to Nokia. In fact, it is likely that Apple is going to end up paying a ton of money to Nokia. Although the official amount that Apple will pay is not yet known, it is known that the company will pay a one-time payment, as well as royalties, to Nokia to cover future products.

One expert pointed out that, had Nokia been charging Apple with just one patent infringement, they would have continued to fight it out through the International Trade Commission. However, Nokia was apparently claiming that just about everything that Apple makes was infringing on its patents. This did include music players, tablets, mobile phones and even computers.

Stephen Elop, who is the CEO of Nokia, came forward and said that his company is very pleased overall that Apple has chosen to join the growing number of Nokia licensees. He then said that this latest development only demonstrates Nokia’s leading patent portfolio. It enables the company to continue to focus further on licensing opportunities to other companies.

Overall, this was a very positive thing for Nokia. Recently the company has found itself in the news a lot, but not for the right reasons. In fact, just earlier this week Nokia had to fight buyout rumors. These rumors had started to really hurt Nokia’s market shares. On top of this, Nokia’s latest phone models have failed to impress industry experts. There is nothing really “wrong” with the phones; they are just nothing special either.

Apple on the other hand has been on top of the world with its line of very successful products. However, some experts say that Apple may have room to worry as well. The Apple iPad was pretty much unchallenged in the tablet industry when it was first launched. Now, however, there are a number of other tablets on the market, and many of them cost a lot less than the iPad. On top of that, most of them support Flash. Overall, Apple has to think of a way to keep the iPad on top before they lose their crown to someone else.



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