Apple iPhone 4 Not Within The Top 5 in Britain

It now seems that the popularity of the iPhone is starting to drop in the UK. This is not so much because better phones are coming out, but for the simple fact that cheaper phones are coming out. Brits are finding that a lot of rival phones to the iPhone have all of the same “bells and whistles” but only cost a fraction of what the iPhone costs.

This is kind of the same thing that is happening to the iPad in some regard. Although the iPad still has a nice healthy lead on the competition, people are starting to see that there are cheaper options out there that come with the same features, if not more, than what the iPad comes with.

Currently a new survey in the UK has shown that the iPhone has actually dropped out of the top five most sought after smartphones for Brits. Overall, some experts say that this could be a good thing. It may get Apple to start “trying” again.

See the problem is that Apple has become very arrogant while sitting on the top of the phone world. In fact, they were pretty comfortable on the top of the tablet PC world as well. At one time, Apple said that they do not even pay attention to 7 inch tablets because no 7 inch tablet would ever overshadow its iPad. Even if the company could be right, it is not something that most companies would ever announce.

Now it is looking like the iPhone is losing some of its luster, and Apple is going to have to “reinvent” the phone again. Really the company has no choice after all of the “smack” that it talked about other companies’ phones. Now phones, like the HTC’s Desire, are selling better, and Apple has to answer the challenge.



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