Apple Server and Fox News Twitter Account Hacked

Apple & Fox New Logos w/ 'Hacked'Over the US holiday weekend, two rather big companies were attacked by hackers…successfully. First, an internal Apple server was breached, during which the hackers stole 2 dozen administrator names and encrypted passwords. Then on Monday, the political Twitter account for Fox News was hacked into, allowing the attackers to post tweets that President Barack Obama was killed with 2 gunshots.

The hack attack on Apple during the weekend was publicised on Twitter by Anonymous from its AnonymousIRC account. The message said that Apple could be a target, but they are busy elsewhere. Apple didn’t immediately comment on the issue, while the breach seems far less serious than the recent attack on big gaming companies like Sony, when some 100 million online gamers’ details were revealed.

The data that was stolen, thankfully, wasn’t linked to the over 200 million customer credit cards stored for the iTunes shop. However, the breach showed that the AntiSec campaign, which is basically intended to embarrass large companies, will continue. This comes after the pioneering group LulzSec, which included a few veteran Anonymous members, disbanded last week after drawing attention to itself during a more than 50-day spree. The small group warned that more attacks would come about by Anonymous, and they encouraged others to join.

Aside from being responsible for the Sony Playstation Network breach, LulzSec has temporarily knocked websites for the CIA and UK Serious Organised Crime Agency offline, as well as breached a joint venture between the private sector and FBI. Most of their exploits were anti-government, and it said before disbanding that it wanted to reveal classified government secrets.

Then on Monday (July 4), a group called Scriptkiddies, whose name is a general insult used by hackers about inexperienced hackers who use ready-made programmes to breach sites and is loosely connected to Anonymous, says it hacked into the Fox News Politics Twitter account to post a claim that President Obama was assassinated while in Iowa. The @foxnewspolitics account was used for a number of submitted fake tweets about Obama being shot in the head and killed, as well as that vice president Joe Biden had taken his place. These tweets were posted around 10am BST.

A Scritpkiddies representative said in an interview that they are looking to find information about big companies to assist with AntiSec. They chose Fox News because they thought their security would be just as bad as their reporting. After looking at the security, mutilation doesn’t seem to be an option for the site, but all else is fair game. He would consider the group to be closely related to Anonymous, he continued, as 2 of their members are part of the hacker collective. He was also a member, and they hope to work with them soon.



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