Armed police in Israel eject crying toddler from Transavia plane

TransaviaPolice in Israel forcibly removed a crying toddler and her parents from a flight just about to take off for Luton Airport earlier this month. The incident took place aboard a Transavia charter flight as it was taxiing for takeoff at Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv.  

The youngster concerned was 19-month-old Serena Aziz. Her parents, Ariella and Mark, later told reporters that they had bought a ticket for their daughter so that she had her own seat. Ms Aziz said that as the plane was preparing for takeoff, cabin crew told the couple that Serena was too young to sit on her own and would need to sit with one of them.  

She continued by saying her daughter got upset over the move and started screaming and thrashing her arms around. Ms Aziz added that Serena was so wound up that she eventually vomited.

She also complained that the cabin crew were unsympathetic and did nothing to help. As the Azizes were unable to calm their screaming daughter the pilot aborted takeoff and radioed for assistance.

Ms Aziz claimed that from then on it was almost as if the family were terrorists as armed police officers stormed the aircraft. The family was forcibly removed and taken back to the passenger building in squad cars with sirens wailing.

The Azizes are from North London. At the end of last week, Mark Aziz told reporters in the city that he and his wife were planning to take legal action over the incident.

A Transavia spokesperson says the parents had jeopardised the safety of other passengers on the flight by not fastening their daughter in a safety belt. The spokesperson also stated the Azizes are not entitled to any compensation.



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