ASKY Cancels Flights to Liberia and Sierra Leone After Ebola Death

ASKY planeThe Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa is the worst in history. Over 600 people have already died from the virus, and it appears that more will too before it runs its course. Right now, people are doing everything they can to keep the virus continuing to spreading. This includes a number of airlines cancelling flights to areas in West Africa.

Of course, it’s not just airlines that are doing what they can to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus. For example, the Liberian football association recently announced that it will cancel all of its games because of the fear of spreading the Ebola virus.

ASKY airline said that it’s suspending all of its flights to and from the capitals of Sierra Leone and Liberia. This move comes just after it reported that one of its passengers died from the Ebola virus. Apparently, this passenger had flown from Liberia to Nigeria. The passenger who died was 40-year-old Patrick Swayer. He was an American citizen who worked for the Liberian government. He died from the virus on July 25. This was Nigeria’s very first confirmed death from the Ebola virus.

A spokesman for ASKY, Afoussath Traore, said that the carrier has suspended all flights to Monorvia and Freetown. This is directly related to the Ebola virus. The airline would like to do its part in preventing the spread of the virus, so it has taken precautionary measures to help ensure not only the safety of its passengers but also the safety of its staff.

This is sure to be a huge blow to the profits of the airline. ASKY serves a lot of areas in West Africa. Total, the airline serves around 20 destinations between central and West Africa. Now that the Ebola virus has officially moved across the border for the very first time, there are likely to be more airlines cancelling flights in the near future.

Raymond Benjamin, a member of the International Civil Aviation Organization, said that until this last outbreak, commercial aviation had not been affected. It had only been seen in the private sector. Now, the commercial industry has been affected, and the aviation sector wants to respond as quickly as possible. To do this, the industry will be in contact with the World Health Organization. Hopefully, this group can offer some idea as to what can be done to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus.



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