Attack on Sony Pictures Originated From the St. Regis Bangkok Hotel

Sony Pictures logoEarlier this month, Sony Pictures was hit by a cyberattack. According to reports, a number of social security numbers and salary details from the 47,000 employees who work and worked at Sony Pictures were stolen, along with the credentials of some celebrities. On Saturday, Dec. 13, it was finally reported that the attack on Sony Pictures originated from the St. Regis Bangkok hotel in Thailand.

This hotel offers luxury accommodations and costs upwards of $250 per night. However, there are penthouse suites in the hotel that go for as much as $10,600 a night. It’s unknown where the attack came from within the hotel; all that is known is that the attack started there.

If the hacker stayed at the hotel, this suggests that the person who carried out the attack, which shook Hollywood at its core, was someone who may not have really needed the money in the first place. The individual was staying at a 5-star hotel, so the culprit may have had other motives. For example, this may have been an attack on Sony Pictures just to prove that it could be done. For the time being, however, investigators are unsure if the hacker stayed at this luxury hotel or simply used the hotel’s Wi-Fi.

Right now, most signs point to North Korea. Investigators believe that the attack was done by a North Korean hacker, but the Pyongyang regime has denied being behind it.  Despite this, the regime released a public statement saying that it was a “righteous deed of the support and sympathizers of North Korea.”

The statement that was released by North Korea also mentioned Sony Pictures’ movie “The Interview.” This movie is a comedy that stars James Franco and Seth Rogen. In the film, the two play talk show hosts who are given the task to hold a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and try to assassinate him. Of course, North Korea believes that the movie was made in bad taste. The comedy will be released in theatres on Christmas Day.

They also don’t know if the hacker is still anywhere in Bangkok. Investigators believe that if the person who did the attack is smart, they would have fled Bangkok long ago. They also don’t think that Sony Pictures was attacked by chance. It’s most likely that it was targeted by North Korea as a result of “The Interview.” Investigators said that they are still looking into the case and that they will get to the bottom of this.



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