Aussie Man Dies After Falling From Harris Sunset Road Hotel

Harris Sunset Road HotelThere are many things that people have to watch out for when they are on holiday. This includes being victims of scams, losing their luggage and, as of late, worrying about if airlines are going to go under and leave them stranded abroad. However, another problem for some travellers is falling from balconies at hotels. Unfortunately, this is something that happens more often than what hotels like to admit, and it has happened again at the Harris Sunset Road Hotel in Denpasar.

According to reports, an Australian man was found dead after falling from the second floor of his hotel room in Bali. The person was later identified as Mark David Sansom, age 31. The staff of the hotel found him on the ground around 9 p.m. on Sept. 12. When they found him, they noticed that he had very severe injuries to his head.

Nanang Prihasmoko, the South Denpasar police chief, said that Sansom lived in Alstonville, New South Wales. He confirmed that the man died from the injuries that he received after falling from the second story of his hotel. Although police are still waiting for the autopsy report, they believe that he landed on his head. This most likely killed him on impact.

According to family members of Sansom, he was on holiday in Bail for a few weeks with his girlfriend at the time of his death. He was supposed to fly back home on the day that he died. His father said that he was waiting to receive a phone call from his son to come pick him up at the airport.

Police don’t think that any foul play was involved. This is because CCTV cameras in the hotel don’t show anyone, other than Sansom, entering his room on Friday. Police said that they also spoke to hotel staff who not only found his dead body but also claim to have seen him just 30 minutes before he died.

Authorities say that the CCTV video shows that Sansom looked very confused. In the time leading up to his death, he was in and out of his room many times. The staff members that talked to him said that he looked very confused and not focused on what he was doing. There is a chance that he was drunk or had been taking drugs. They hope that the post-death report sheds some light on what was in Sansom’s body at the time of his death, if there was anything.



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