Baroness Marie-Clair Von Alvensleben Slaps African-Canadian Man at Belgraves Hotel

Belgraves HotelBaroness Marie-Clair Von Alvensleben, age 60, recently slapped an African-Canadian businessman at the exclusive Belgraves Hotel. The two had been talking at the bar just before the baroness broke into a foul-mouthed racist rant.

Alvensleben did not just insult people of African descent during this rant. She went on to attack Jews, Asians and Arabs as well. At the end of the rant, she yelled out that “n*****s should not be allowed here.” It was around this time that the security manager of the hotel, Haliz Hamza, arrived to put a stop the rant. At this point, Alvensleben made a fist and started pounding the businessman’s chest. While doing this, she kept repeating, “You brown people; you are ruining Britain.”

Police officers were called in to arrest her. Before they were able to get her into custody, she abused a police officer and started to yell that her drink was spiked. She was kept overnight in custody. When she was released the next day, the baroness said that she remembered nothing from the night before.

Tom Gill, the lawyer representing the African-Canadian businessman who was slapped, said that his client was sitting at the bar when he was approached by Alvensleben. She started talking very loudly to a few people sitting at the bar. She then slapped his client about five times, and security was called. Gill added that the Baroness’ racist remarks were not just limited to African descendants. She also made offensive remarks about Asians, Jews and Arabs.

Alvensleben said that she does not remember saying those things, but if she did, she is very sorry. She said that if she needs to, she will apologize for her actions. Either way, she has a hard time believing that she would say such things. It is believed that she drunk more than what she could handle, and this caused her to act out. Her legal representative has tried to keep her name out of the court hearing and to have all reporters removed from the courtroom. These attempts were unsuccessful.

One solicitor, who wants to remain anonymous, said that Alvensleben is broke. She has no kind of income and no savings left. The baroness also has no place to stay in the UK right now. She has not had any test to see if her drink was spiked. However, reports do show that she recently suffered from amnesia. She was married to a German aristocrat for a number of years. However, they have been divorced for at least 10 years.

The deputy district judge said that she has a medical report that shows that Alvensleben is used to drinking around two or three glasses of wine a day. It also said that she was very aware that she could become belligerent with people. Either way, her behavior is completely unjustified.



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