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Bieber Fans Jam Hotel Phones

Royal Garden Hotel EntranceJust Bieber fans have been coming up with imaginative ways to get close to the singer since he arrived in London, and these are even more far out than those they have used in the past. Since Beiber stepped into the UK, girls have been doing everything they can to grab his attention. They’ve made more than 2,000 phone calls to London’s Royal Garden Hotel, where the 18-year-old has been staying while promoting his newest album – Believe. It’s been reported that guests to the launch of his album at a nightclub in central London were frisked with metal detectors in an effort to keep details from leaking.

The Royal Garden Hotel’s receptionists have reportedly been overwhelmed by fans asking to be put through to Bieber’s suite. Many of them have even come up with fake identities in desperation to get past the hotel’s staff. Some of the identities include the singer’s friends and relatives from home. One fan even claimed to be the pop star’s personal stripper. The situation has become so bad that rumour has it the Royal Garden Hotel has been forced to change its phone number due to the line jamming.

A source told journalists that Bieber’s fans are relentless and will do anything to get close to him. The hotel’s phones haven’t stopped ringing since he got there. Workers knew that there would be chaos with him coming, but never like this, the insider added. The fact that Bieber gave his fans a sneak peak of his stomach from the window of his hotel suite didn’t help. Then he’s said to have sneaked off for a McFlurry at a McDonald’s close by.

Meanwhile, Bieber has reportedly written a song about 20-year-old Mariah Yeater, a Californian who alleged that she was going to have his baby. She filed a paternity suit against the pop star last year, claiming that she got pregnant after an October 2010 concert following a brief rendezvous in a backstage bathroom. Instead of ignoring the rubbish, Bieber is confronting it head on in Believe. Talking about the new album, he said that he wrote about the situation with Yeater. All of the songs have a piece of him, and he wrote nearly all of them, co-writing some.

The lawsuit involving Yeater was dropped in November, but it welcomed him into one of the many downsides to being a celebrity. The false claims briefly overshadowed his promotion of Under the Mistletoe, his Christmas album. It also challenged his family-friendly brand, which could be grounds for a lawsuit of defamation of character.

The song about the situation with Yeater is one of about 40 the singer says he has recorded for the new album. Bieber has collaborated with various other singers, like Kanye West, Taylor Swift and Drake. However, the pop star isn’t the first one to work his feeling out in a song, and he’s not the first to have written about a paternity claim. The first is said to have Michael Jackson, whose 1982 hit Billie Jean declared that he wasn’t the father. It’s believed that the song is about groupies he encountered early in his career and comes from a mentally ill fan alleging that he fathered her child.




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