Booking Mistake Sees United Airlines Giving Tickets Away for Free

United Airlines PlaneVery rarely do people ever get something for free. This goes double when it comes to plane tickets. However, thanks to a marketing error, some United Airlines passengers are actually enjoying tickets that cost $0. According to this airline, this was simply a mistake, but it is one that they plan on honouring because it was not the passengers’ fault.

This move was not expected by airline experts. They assumed that the airline would consider all of the tickets sold for $0 to be void. However, the airline shocked the industry by saying that these tickets are indeed good. This was great news for the people who were able to grab a few of these tickets on Thursday, when the airline accidentally listed certain tickets for $0. This means, in general, these people got their tickets for only $5 to $10. This is because they still have to pay a security fee.

Of course, some seem to think that this may not have been a mistake at all. In the past, other airlines have done the same thing. They list tickets for $0, and people jump on them. This fills up their planes, and the airlines make money with baggage and other fees. “Mistake fares” happen a lot more often than what some think. That being said, mistake listings are always handled on a case-by-case basis. This is because there is no law that requires airlines to honour mistake tickets.

Right now, United Airlines is not saying just how many of these tickets were actually given away. What the industry does know is the fact that these tickets were only available for a few hours before the airline caught the mistake. After the mistake was caught, the airline shut down bookings on its site while it worked on correcting the problem.

Megan McCarthy, a spokeswoman for United Airlines, said that this mistake was caused by an error when filing the fares. She wanted to point out that it was not a problem with the website, and all consumer information is still protected. When the fares were entered, a mistake was made, and the prices were listed without being noticed.

Some people made out good. A few consumers were able to get tickets for just $5 one way. Others said that they were lucky enough to book round-trip tickets for just $5, without any fees. In short, they were able to book a whole flight for just $5. Reports even said that there were a few consumers who were not looking for tickets. They simply came across the information when surfing the Web and booked a ticket real fast. They are not sure if they will use the tickets, but if they do not, they are only out $5.

Back in 2008, United Airlines accidentally dropped the fuel surcharge from their tickets. This was big because it saved some people more than $130. When this happened, the airline honoured these tickets as well.



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