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Brit leaps from hotel in India over fears of a sexual attack

AgraPeople are willing to do almost anything to escape danger. In some cases, they are willing to put themselves in more danger. At least that was the case for one Brit who actually jumped out of a hotel window in India. The woman later said that she jumped out of the window because she was in fear of a sexual attack.

This woman, who is now on her way back to the UK, was staying at Hotel Agra Mahal in Agra. This is an area that is very close to the Taj Mahal. She told police in India that she had asked the hotel she was staying in for a 4 a.m. wake-up call. However, when the manager came to her door to wake her up, he allegedly offered her a massage. When she asked him to leave, he refused. Fearing for her life, the woman jumped out of the window to flee from what she believed was a sexual predator.

According to official police reports, two men have now been charged over this incident. One of them is the hotel owner. Both men are scheduled to appear in court this week. The lawyer representing the two men said that his clients would be denying all charges. They would also be seeking bail.

A spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said they are going to remain in touch with both the British national and local authorities in India. For now, the woman is safe, and they are currently caring for the minor injuries she received to her legs due to the fall.

The fear of being rapped while on holiday is something that tourists know all too well. In fact, this little incident comes just a few days after a woman from Switzerland was gang-raped. Apparently, the woman was cycling through one of her neighbouring states with her husband. Reports from this case show that the woman was attacked last Friday while visiting a camp site in Madhya Pradesh’s Datia district. This is located about 124 miles away from Agra.

The reports go on to say that the Swiss woman was attacked by a group of six men. These men were later said to be farmers from one of the nearby villages. They appeared in court on Monday with the charge of gang-raping the woman.

To make matters even worse, the attack on the Swiss woman came just three months after another woman was fatally gang-raped on a New Delhi bus. This attack sparked outrage all over India. Not only that, but it made headline news around the world and put these kinds of attacks into the spotlight. Unfortunately, these kinds of attacks in India are more common than what people would like them to be.

The city of Agra is now worried about what this bad press will do for their economy. After all, this area of India is well known for receiving tons of tourists every single year. Without them the city would see a huge hit on their economy. Currently the British government is asking all women in this area to exercise caution while visiting India. The same warning is going out to women of other countries as well.



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