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Britain to suffer more travel chaos as wintry weather continues to pummel the country

Travel congestion in the snowThere seems to be no escape from the wintry weather. New reports from the Met Office now show that Brits will not only have to worry about snowy conditions this weekend, like originally stated, but will also have to deal with bad weather leading up to the weekend as well. Chances are people will enjoy only a single day of no snow this week.

For many parts of the UK, snow has already started to fall. In some areas, up to 4 inches may be seen. Of course, people should not expect this wintry weather to stop any time soon. The Met Office says that the snow should continue to fall throughout the week. Reports suggest that the snow should stop on Saturday, but only to start again the very next day and push into next week.

This weather is likely to mess up people’s travel plans for the weekend. However, now people have a lot more to worry about than just their weekend travel plans. They now have to worry about how they are going to get to work during the week.

The problem is not the snow itself, but the sleet. The Met Office said that there should be just as much sleet falling around the UK as snow. Due to the sleet, the Met Office has issued a yellow warning for travellers in many parts of the country. Even the Highways Agency has released a public statement asking all drivers to use caution while using the roadways.

A spokesman for the Highways Agency said that motorways and A-roads have been running fairly well so far. At the time of reporting, only the A628 Woodhead Pass in Derbyshire had been closed. This was due to viability problems. Of course, the spokesman did want people to know that this does not mean that more roads will not be closed moving forward. In fact, more roads are expected to be closed; it is just a matter of when and which ones.

This new band of snow hit Scotland early yesterday morning. Reports show that the snow is expected to continue to move across the country for the next few days. People in London are expected to catch a bit of a break. By the time the snow band hits London, forecasters expect it to change over to rain.

Of course, it is not the snow alone that will cause the biggest travel concerns. The Met Office said that this snow could be mixed with gale force winds exceeding 50mph. The snow mixed with these high forced winds is going to create a blizzard-like effect for parts of western Scotland and the West Country.

As far as air travel is concerned, people have already seen some flights suspended or at least delayed. The 3 airports affected so far include Manchester Airport, Belfast’s George Best Airport, and Leeds-Bradford Airport. With more snow on the way, fliers are being urged to call ahead to find out if their flights have been delayed or not.

According to the Met Office, this influx of snow is being caused by Canadian air. This air is traveling close to 4,000 miles across the Atlantic to cause travel chaos in the UK. The Met Office said that more information on next week’s outlook will be released soon.



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