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British-designed Travel App to Serve as a Guide for North Korea

North Korea Water ParkWhen people think about travelling to other countries, very few probably think about travelling to North Korea. Despite this fact, a new British-designed travel app has been announced that will serve as a guide for people who are thinking about travelling to the secluded country. This app does everything from recommending good places for foreigners to eat to offing tips on how to plan a trip to this country.

When people think of this destination, they think of a country that is pretty much off limits to nearly everyone. Journalists from foreign countries hardly ever get to visit North Korea, and everyone else needs to sign up with a tour guide that is endorsed by the North Korean government. This new app is hoping to change everything by giving people a new way to plan their own visits to North Korea.

This app, which is labelled “100 percent unofficial,” is the very first of its kind. It includes thousands of different photographs that have been taken of North Korea and even has information about the country’s attractions. Travellers can use this app as a phrase book and to get advice on how to plan and book a trip to North Korea.

The app was created by Uniquely.Travel, a British travel technology company. The app came about after interest in travelling to North Korea went the rise for a while. One reason for the increased interest in travelling to North Korea has been due to high-profile entertainers such as Dennis Rodman deciding to travel there.

Of course, North Korea is on the edge of opening its doors to a lot more people. The country has been toying with the idea of bringing in more foreign tourism for a while. This would supply the country with some much needed cash and maybe even get the country to relax a lot of its strict regulations.

One example of this is the ski resort that North Korea opened last year. Not only that, but there was a running marathon that took place this April in Pyongyang. It was the very first in North Korea’s history to be open to foreign runners.

The director of NK News and the project manager for the new North Korea travel app, Chad O’Carroll, said that North Korea has been attracting a lot of interest recently. It is a developing country, and a lot of people are interested in it. Another reason for this interest is that not a lot of people get to travel to this country. There are only about 6,000 western travellers a year that visit North Korea.

The app does not just provide information on attractions and where to eat. It also provides travellers with some much needed information on hospitals, farms and factories in the country. A lot of the writing for this app has been done by Simon Cockerell. This is a man who has visited North Korea nearly 100 times and even worked for Koryo Tours, a tour group that specializes in North Korea travel.



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