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British Farmer Invents Sunglasses That Prevent Motion Sickness

SunglassesTravelling is a lot of fun for most people. However, there are some people who do not enjoy it as much because they get motion sick. Motion sickness is caused by a disconnection between what the brain is seeing and what the body is feeling. When these two senses are out of sync like this, it causes a sick feeling.

Motion sickness is not new. It has caused people to fear going on car rides for years. Thus, there are a number of pills and drugs that people can take to help fight off this condition. However, what if people could beat motion sickness by simply wearing a pair of sunglasses? Well, thanks to one British farmer, this may actually be possible.

The farmer, Tim Flaxman, said that he has suffered from motion sickness his whole life. To make it worse, he has what is known as severe motion sickness, which makes everything just a bit worse. After missing out on a number of fun outings because of his condition, Flaxman finally came up with a special type of sunglasses that could help beat motion sickness. He came up with this idea after he figured out that, if he covered up one of his eyes, he no longer felt unwell when travelling.

This is how he designed TravelShades. These sunglasses work in a very unique way. One of the lenses is cloudy but still lets in light. The point of the murky lens is to prevent the wearer from seeing movement in that eye. The sunglasses have even been designed to be symmetrical. Thus, no matter what eye is the wearers dominate eye, they can simply flip the sunglasses upside down to have the cloudy lens on the other side.

Before releasing these glasses, Flaxman wanted to test them in just about every condition possible. He tested it in cars, planes, trains and boats. After wearing these glasses, he says that no matter how he travels, he no longer gets motion sick. Flaxman, who is 53, said that his biggest regret is the fact that he did not come up with the idea sooner, but he is happy to be travelling now.

Flaxman went on to tell the media that his motion sickness was so bad that he was only able to travel by car and had to be the one that was driving. Even if he was in the front passenger seat, his motion sickness was so great that he could not stand to travel. The TravelShades have liberated him. He was finally able to fly to France, and then he travelled around Europe. During his travels he tested these glasses both on land and by sea. It was a thrill that he was never before able to enjoy.

For Flaxman, and anyone who suffers from motion sickness, this is a huge breakthrough. Scientists say that the reason why these TravelShades work is because they are changing visual signals to the brain from 3D to 2D. The brain has a hard time seeing depth with just one eye, so everything is seen in 2D.



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