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British girl drowns in hotel swimming pool in Egypt

Location of Coral Sea Waterworld ResortA British mother is beside herself with grief after her 5-year-old daughter, Chloe Johnson, died while swimming in a pool on an Egyptian holiday. The mother is now looking for compensation after she claimed that no lifeguard was on duty when this accident occurred.

The mother, Sarah Thompson, told police that she and her partner had left their young daughter in the toddler pool with a friend while they went to go get some drinks. However, when they returned, their daughter was lying unconscious by the side of the pool.

Ms Thompson says she was playing with one of her little friends. Before leaving, she said that she explained to her daughter twice that they were going to pick up some drinks and would be right back. She wanted to make sure that her daughter knew where she was at all times.

According to the police, Ms Thompson said that the hotel did not have a lifeguard on duty at the pool. On top of this, the staff at the Coral Sea Waterworld Resort, which was the resort that they were staying at, made no kind of attempt to resuscitate her daughter. They left the girl unconscious by the side of the pool until the mother and father came back. It was Chole’s dad who attempted to give her mouth to mouth.

Ms Thompson said that she does not know how she will go on without Chloe. In fact, when she was just 2 days old, she had to have open-heart surgery. She was able to survive this, and the family was sure she was going to live a long and happy life. The whole world just feels empty without her now.

Emergency services were called to the hotel, but apparently they were not in any rush. According to the Chloe’s grandparents, it took nearly four hours for them to arrive. The grandmother said that they are so angry as to what has happen. They cannot understand why the hotel did not have some kind of lifeguard on duty that knew how to give mouth to mouth.

Official reports do show that Chloe was taken to her hotel room after the accident. Here she waited for emergency services to arrive. Unfortunately, it took them nearly four hours to arrive on scene. By that time it was far too late for them to have any chance at reviving the young girl.

Local authority officials say that this waterpark had only been open for about a month. A spokesman for the police department said that they are currently investigating this event. Of course, not only are the police investigating this death, the family’s tour operator, First Choice, is as well.

A spokesman for First Choice said that they have received reports about a young girl who has died while staying at the Coral Sea Waterworld Hotel in Egypt. Currently they are looking into this event to see what information can be gathered. First Choice sends out its thoughts and condolences to the girl’s family. The group understands this will be a very difficult time for them.



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