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British Holiday Travel Disrupted by Heavy Rain and Gales

UK StormTons of Brits are looking to do a little holiday travel this week. However, it appears that the weather has other plans. Strong gales and heavy rain have been causing some bad travel disruptions for people all over the UK.

To make matters worse, these storms have even led to hundreds of people in Cornwall being without power. Across five different parts of England, there are flood warnings popping up. The strongest winds are believed to be coming on Monday afternoon. However, strong winds and heavy rain will continue into Tuesday!

The Met Office says that the south coast of the UK has just been slammed with severe gales. This has already caused a number of power lines to come down. There are at least 800 homes right now in the UK that do not have power. There are some worries that the power will not be back on in time for the holidays.

A forecaster at the Met Office, Emma Compton, said that there have been a lot of transportation delays as a result of this rain and high winds. Although it started Monday morning, it was not until Monday afternoon that the winds and rain were affecting travel all over the UK. This storm is going to remain fairly persistent for a while.

Rail operators around the UK are telling passengers that they should have already gotten their Christmas travel out of the way. If there are people who still have not travelled, they should delay their plans until Christmas Eve. Travelling any sooner is likely to cause even more travel problems as people run into cancellations.

Network Rail even went on to confirm this by saying that it have placed speed restrictions on a number of its routes. This means that time tables are going to be behind, and some routes may have to be cancelled.

Greater Anglia Trains did not just place restrictions on its routes; it actually cancelled a number of them. Reports show that Greater Anglia Trains has cancelled at least 50 services so far. Even more are expected to be cancelled before the storm completely passes.

The Met Office believes that the rain and heavy winds should clear up soon. In fact, it believes that by Christmas Eve morning, the rain and heavy winds should have died down, if not stopped completely. Some travel services are likely to still be delayed and maybe even cancelled, but it is good to know that the weather will have let up by then. In parts of the country where the rain was the heaviest, like southern areas of England and the Midlands, travellers will likely still be dealing with some flooding at that time.

People who are travelling by motorway are reminded to keep plenty of distance between them and the car in front of them. There have already been a number of crashes on the motorway since these rains started. In fact, on Sunday a motorist died after being involved in a three-car pileup. This was a crash that was caused by the storm, according to police.



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