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British Holidaymakers May Pay Twice as Much for Car Rentals This Summer

Rental CarsEveryone loves to go on holidays, and this is particularly true in the summer. In fact, summer is one of the most popular times of the year for Brits to travel and get away. Unfortunately, because Brits tend to travel certain areas more than other, travel costs have started to skyrocket this summer. Prices are not just rising on airline tickets and hotels; they are also rising on car rentals.

According to a survey conducted by the Post Office, Brits could end up paying nearly twice as much in car rental fees when they visit certain areas. For example, car rental prices in Majorca are nearly twice as high as the prices in Cyprus. This could be a deal breaker for Brits who are still looking for ways to save money on their next holidays.

Of course, it is not just Majorca that has overpriced car rentals. The Post Office study found that other popular destinations with outrageous car rental prices include Split in Croatia, Faro in Portugal and Dublin in Ireland. The one thing that all of these places have in common is that they are all popular tourist destinations during the summer months.

The Post Office took many things into account during its survey. This includes extras such as additional drive coverage and having satellite navigation. The study also took into account the price of petrol in the destinations. The area with the highest petrol costs, however, was the Norwegian capital of Oslo. Even high petrol prices could not knock Majorca off the top of the most expensive car rentals list. Renting a car for one week in Majorca will set most families back more than £600.

The prices in Majorca are crazy when people consider the alternatives. For example, travelling to Larnaca in Cyprus will only set people back £295 for a one-week rental. Overall, choosing to go to Cyprus over Majorca could save people over £300 on just the car rental. That is a lot of extra money that can be saved by simply choosing one destination over the other.

The biggest problem that was found in the survey was that Brits try to cut corners when it comes to saving money. For example, in order to lower the price of their car rental, most Brits refuse to take out insurance. Although this seems like an easy way to save a few pounds, if something were to happen to the car rental, the renter would find himself even further in the hole than before.



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