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British Woman Tells of Ibiza Holiday Boating Horror

Egg at Entrance of San Antonio, IbizaBritish holidaymaker Suzanne Cassidy, from Glasgow, has told of the near death experience she had during a horrible boating accident off the coast of Ibiza around 4pm on Sunday. The 26-year-old nursery worker was sucked into a speedboat’s propeller blades after being pulled through the water on an inflatable water tube. The holidaymaker had arrived in Ibiza 11 weeks before the accident, which happened in a pretty cove close to the Cala Conta resort in San Antonio, in order to begin a summer job at a bar.

Cassidy says she jumped into the water after riding through the water in an inflatable ring and was swimming to a lager boat nearby. She said that they were out there as part of a friend’s 30th birthday party, and her boss from the bar was there too. Five of them had just finished their turn on the inflatable ring, and they were swapping out with other friends on the larger boat for their turn. Everything happened so fast, and she doesn’t know if the boat moved or if she jumped too close to the engine.

She was only able to survive by grabbing the side of the boat and twisting her body around while the blades cut at her leg. Her friends then saved her by pulling her onto the boat and getting her to a hospital as blood drained from a wound close to her knee. She suffered a badly broken leg, with her tibia sticking out of her right, while the wound near her knee required several stitches. She is now recovering at Can Misses Hospital in Ibiza Town after undergoing an emergency operation that pinned the bone back together.

Cassidy has told reporters that she is just happy to be alive, as she really thought she would die because of the accident. She knew the danger immediately when she felt her leg being sucked with the force of the engine toward the propellers. Somehow she had the strength to twist herself around with her upper body. Her friends pulled her back into the boat, and that’s when she saw the blood.

She continued that she could feel throbbing in her leg where the bone broke, but at that point she was running with adrenaline and didn’t want to look. She didn’t find out about the bone sticking out of her leg until after the operation, which took 4-and-a-half hours. Her friends have asked how many stitches and pins were put in her leg, but she doesn’t know.

Cassidy added that the doctors tell her she will be in the hospital for another 4 or 5 days and that she won’t be able to fly for a while. She will probably go back to Scotland at the end of September, when she was due to return anyway. The doctors have also told her that she will be able to walk again and won’t have a limp.



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