Britons Protest at Cyprus Hotel After Dog Was Killed in a Rubbish Crusher

Anastasia Beach HotelThere are some things that people simply will not stand for. When these acts happen, it causes people to rally together for a common cause. This is what recently happened at Anastasia Beach Hotel, a hotel in Cyprus, after a staff member tried to get rid of a stray poodle by throwing it into a large recycling bin. This recycling bin was outfitted with huge crushing mechanisms.

Brits are now in protest over this act. In fact, there is a huge international animal rights protest going. The puppy was only seven months old when the hotel staff member threw it into the trash compacter. The dog was found by a holidaymaker in the bottom of the bin and was still alive. Unfortunately, the dog had suffered terrible injuries.

Tourists who were staying at the hotel called the local vet. Although the veterinarian staff did everything that they could, the dog died a few days later due to the injuries it suffered. Ever since then, thousands of people have signed an online petition called “Billy’s Law,” which was the name given to the dog. The petition is calling for law enforcement agencies in Cyprus to bring the animal abuser to justice once and for all. Brits who are staying in Cyprus have already joined the cause and are boycotting the Anastasia Beach Hotel.

Companies that offer holidays to Cyprus have already said that they are extremely upset with what has happened. EasyJet and Thomas Cook both said that they are “extremely concerned” with the allegations that are going on. This is not the kind of information that a company wants to hear about a place that they send their customers for a holiday.

One of the people who performed surgery on Billy at MedVets, Antonis Alkiviades, said that when they went to the hotel the dog had already fell into a coma. The vet staff were even more shocked when they found that the dog was in the trash bin and someone had tried to smash it.

Alkviviades said that the injuries that the dog suffered were some of the worst he had ever seen. The dog not only had a number of broken bones, but he even had a broken back. The dog was unable to breathe on its own. Since the dog had laid there unable to breathe for so long, it had already received some brain damage.

One Londoner who was on holiday in Cyprus, Ross Breakwell, said that he could never imagine travelling to a country where people do such things. He said that he did not know that there was such a country within the European Union. People who punish animals should be punished themselves.



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