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Brits Face Travel Chaos as Workers of the London Underground Go on a 2-day Strike

London Underground SignA two-day strike by the workers at the London Underground has caused nothing but travel chaos for millions of Brits. According to reports, this strike was called into effect due to an inability for the workers and the London Underground to reach some kind of agreement over the company’s plans to close ticket offices and cut jobs.

On Monday, talks broke down between the Rail Maritime and Transport union and Transport for London. These talks were supposed to help prevent a 48-hour strike that started Monday evening. The Transport for London said that it saw a very similar strike in February that brought the London Underground to a standstill and left the nearly 3 million people that use it every day without a way to travel. Thankfully, a second planned walkout was averted so that more talks could take place. Unfortunately, those talks broke down earlier this month and more strikes are on the way.

These strikes come following the death of RMT leader Bob Crow, who died on March 11. The trade union said that he was successful at extracting deals from employers that others simply could not. He has set the mould for everyone else to follow and has left big shoes to fill for the person replacing him.

TfL has been arguing that less than 3 percent of all of its journeys involve consumers using ticket offices. As a result of the strike, the London Underground is going to try to run limited services on its most popular lines. There will be a number of stations closed and extra bus and river boat services in place to help people get to their destinations as quickly as possible.

Customers who have been questioned by the media say that travel has been an absolute nightmare as a result of the strike. Some customers agree that that there should be people in the ticket offices, but at the same time, they did not agree that the workers should be striking. Due to the problems that the strike is causing, it is likely that the union will lose the support of the people.

TfL said that its plans involve cutting around 953 jobs from different stations. It also said, however, that it can be done without any kind redundancies. It also said that it could be done without any kind of loss of pay to its workers. For customers, TfL said that all stations will remain staffed at all times.

However, the union says that these cuts are going to put safety at risk. It said that it will also damage the quality of the service provided in general. The union believes that poor rail management was to blame for the failed eight weeks of talks as well. It wants to hold serious and meaningful talks with TfL.



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