Broadway Hotel Forced to Refund Couple It Fined for Giving a Bad Review

Broadway Hotel, BlackpoolAccording to Blackpool Council, simply having a “no bad review policy” does not give hotels the right to fine guests who leave bad feedback. Unfortunately, that is just what happened to a couple that stayed at the Broadway Hotel. The couple said that the hotel was stinky and filthy. After leaving a review to show how they felt, the hotel charged them £100. The council says that this fee or policy simply doesn’t fly. The hotel has no right to charge people fines for leaving reviews about their stays.

After leaving the review on TripAdvisor, the couple soon found that their charge for staying at the hotel was higher. When they called to ask about it, they were told that they incurred the fee because they left a bad review, and the hotel doesn’t accept bad reviews. The hotel also said that there was nothing they could do about it because it was in their terms and conditions.

The council cabinet member who is in charge of public protection and local authority, Gillian Campbell, said that the trading standards team in Blackpool only became aware of this issue last week. After learning about it, the council spoke to the hotel owners and asked that they remove this policy. The council is pleased to announce that the policy has been removed, and no guests will be fined for leaving bad reviews. She added that this is a very unique case that the council had yet to come across.

According to reports, the couple who was fined had stayed at the hotel on their way to Oxford. They ended up paying just £36 for one night in a double room. However, this low price came with a number of other problems. The hotel was dirty, rotten and filthy, according to their review.

The policy that the hotel had in place stated that, despite the fact that many repeat consumers love the hotel, some people may not. For every bad review that is left on a website, the organizer will be charged a £100 fine. This includes reviews that are posted by loved ones who stayed in the hotel with them.

John Greenbank, the trading standards manager for Blackpool, said that he worked in the trading standards industry for years and never came across anything like this. This hotel thought it was very clever in coming up with a way to prevent bad reviews. This would have allowed them to do as little as possible to improve the hotel without getting negative reviews. However, the tactic has been deemed a very unfair trading practice.



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