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Brown stripe on Jupiter coming back

After fading out earlier this year, a large brown stripe on Jupiter is returning, according to astronomers.

The stripe, known officially as the Southern Equatorial Belt had blended with the white clouds surrounding it.

Now an amateur astronomer has said the belt is undergoing an outbreak and will soon return to its previous appearance.

Experts say that the disappearance of the belt was the result of layers of clouds over Jupiter changing altitudes and that the brown strip had been covered up earlier in the year by the white-coloured ammonia clouds surrounding it.

The brown stripe has occasionally vanished several times since it has been under observation, but scientists have yet to pinpoint exactly why it continues persist.

Additionally, the famed Great Red Spot had also changed shade as part of the phenomenon, though astronomers say it to will also return to its previous deep-red colouring.

Christopher Go, a Filipino amateur astronomer reported the first signs of the return of the Southern Equatorial Belt, which was later confirmed at Hawaii’s Gemini and Keck telescopes and the Infrared Telescope Facility.

University of California-Berkeley professor Imke de Pater said that the event is the result of the clearing of cloud decks that tend to cover the vigorous storms characteristic of Jupiter.



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