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Budget and Hertz Focus on Offering a Wide Range of Exotic Cars

Lamborghini AventadorThere are some people who rent cars because they need to. Maybe their car is in the shop or they are travelling overseas and need a car once they arrive to their destination. There are other people who rent cars to drive vehicles that they may never have otherwise been able to drive. Many car rental companies are looking for ways to cater to the needs of the latter. Companies like Hertz and Budget have been busy adding some of the finest cars on the market to their lineup. This includes everything from Bentleys and Teslas to Lamborghinis.

Although these cars are available for everyone to rent, they come at a high price. Despite the high price, Hertz and Budget have both admitted that they have seen people from all classes rent these cars. Although the middle class might not be able to rent them all the time, some save up their money just to rent it for the weekend. Sure it is an expensive outing, but it still costs a lot less than actually buying the car. In some cases, this is the only way some of these customers will ever get a chance to drive these cars.

Hertz recently launched its Dream Cars selection. So far, the collection is available in 35 locations around the United States. Hertz says that the service has been very popular with people who travel form overseas and want to drive an America sports car. Budget is doing the same thing, but it offers American sports cars under its Street Fleet line. Even Enterprise jumped into the exotic car market in 2006, when customers started asking for more luxury cars.

It is not just the big name chains that are adding luxury cars either. Take Beverly Hills Rent A Car in Las Vegas, for example. The location manager there, Vince Sample, said that it is trying to sell a lifestyle to people. They are not just selling exotic cars. The people who rent these kinds of cars want people to stop and stare. They want to see if someone famous gets out of that exotic car.

The cars at Beverly Hills Rent A Car come at a price. For example, renting a California Ferrari costs around $900 a day. If that sounds expensive, people can spend over $2,000 a day to rent a Rolls-Royce Wraith. As an added perk, this company does not even put tags on the car so people do not know it is a rental. When renting these cars, it is almost as if people are renting a new identity.

The executive director of the American Car Rental Association, Sharon Faulkner, said that the growth that has been seen in the exotic car rental industry has been amazing. These are car rentals that people no longer just rent in tourist towns and beaches. People from all over the world want to drive these amazing cars no matter where they go.



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