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Car Hire Companies Sixt and Drive Poke Fun at the French President’s Affair in Ad

Sixt Rent A Car LogoAs if it is not bad enough to have an affair revealed to the public, think about having it remembered forever in print. Unfortunately, that is just what happened to French President Francsois Hollande. The French president has had a rough few weeks after his affair with actress Julie Gayet was outed. To make matters worse, certain car rental companies are now using the popularity of this affair in their own ads.

The affair was first outed by magazine Closer, which published the allegations along with pictures. These pictures showed the president getting off of a motor scooter wearing a black helmet. The president then went inside an apartment that is located close by the presidential palace for an apparent meeting with the actress.

Since most French voters have already stated their minds and believe that the love life of the president should be his own business, that should have been the end of it. However, people continued to talk about the affair on many social networking sites. This is where many companies got the idea to use the affair to give a boost to their own ads.

The car rental company Drive just recently ran an ad in the newspaper referring to this affair. The ad featured a map with a route from the presidential palace to the apartment that the president was seen arriving at on a scooter. Along with the map was a price for the trip, which was €5. In the ad, Drive said, “Unseen, Unknown, Private cars, tinted windows. At prices this low, you should choose discretion.”

Sixt, which is a rental car company that is already well known for picking on the French president, also took this opportunity to poke fun at him. In an ad, it said, “Mr President, next time avoid the scooter. Sixt rents cars with tinted windows.”

Although a number of people in France have admitted that the affair does not bother them, ever since the report, President Hollande’s popularity has increased. It has only increased by a slim margin, but it has gone up nevertheless. Of course, it is important to remember that France has a different view on love and relationships than other countries.

The latest survey that studies how the French feel about President Hollande shows that he has a 31 percent approval rate. Although that is still not good, it is up 5 percent since the survey that was taken before the affair was made public. Of course, it may not be the affair itself that has increased his popularity. It may just be the simple fact that he is now in the news a lot more and a hot topic right now.

So how does First Lady Valerie Trierweiler feel about this? Well, she was recently admitted to an unnamed hospital to get rest for depression. However, it may not be the affair that has her so down. It may be the fact that she is afraid that the president is going to leave her for Gayet.

Recent news polls in France have shown that the general public wants the president to leave Trierweiler for Gayet. If this were to happen, Trierweiler would be the first First Lady to be kicked out of the presidential palace. This is not the first affair that Hollande has had, so it seems unlikely that she is worried about the other women. It seems more likely that she is worried about losing her husband and everything that comes with him.



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