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Car Rental Buddy announces the launch of Safety 4 Kids campaign

Car Rental BuddyIt’s not every day that a site which helps people compare car rental prices launches a website that is designed to promote child safety. Car Rental Buddy has just recently announced the launch of a new online campaign called “Safety 4 Kids”. This new campaign is designed to help children make positive decisions when it comes to personal safety. The site is set up in a user-friendly interface that even a child could understand.

There are three key concepts that the site is trying to promote. These three concepts are: look, listen and stay safe. They will do this using their Safety 4 Kids website which will offer fun and engaging information and resources for both adults and children. The tips that the site provides access to include information on three major topics: stranger danger, bullying and road safety. These are three areas that kids tend to struggle with the most.

The information is presented in a very easy-to-navigate format to make it easy for kids to use. The tips are broken up into categories that appear on the screen as slideshows. Each time a child or adult clicks the “next” arrow, a new tip is displayed on the screen relating to one of the three topics that they chose to learn about. People can even navigate backwards to view previous tips by hitting the “back” button.

Of course, it takes more than a slideshow to keep a child entertained. That is why the site also has games for children to play. This includes hide and seek games and find-a-word puzzles. The site even offers a wide range of downloadable coloring images. Car Rental Buddy prides itself on offering these kinds of “interactive” learning experiences. After all, kids tend to learn the most when they can go hands-on with an idea or concept.

To help teach kids about these safety tips, the Safety 4 Kids site has come up with a safety animal team. These animals will interact with the kids and lead them down the road of safety. The “safety team” is made up of Hazel the hippopotamus, Buddy the dog, Eric the elephant, and Paulie the panda. Each of these animals will have a different lesson to teach the kids.

Of course, Safety 4 Kids does not want to stop by just providing kids with information. Car Rental Buddy would like this site to eventually get involved with organizations, foundations and other businesses. Companies can help support this website by using the “Link to Us” button on the Safety 4 Kids website. Car Rental Buddy believes the more parties involved with this concept, the more effective it will be.

According to Car Rental Buddy, the whole idea behind the website is to make kids aware of their surroundings. This is something that kids sometimes don’t pay enough attention to when they are playing. They want kids to know what to do when they find themselves in a bad situation. The more knowledge a kid has, the more confidence they will feel when or if the situation ever comes up.



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