Career criminal steels more than £100,000 in jewellery from Jose Mourinho’s hotel room

Jose MourinhoWhen people leave their things in their hotel room, they like to think that it is safe. However, football manager Jose Mourinho learned the hard way that this is not always the case. He recently became the victim of theft after a career criminal stole £100,000 worth of jewellery from his hotel room.

The police say that the criminal stole the jewellery from Jose Mourinho’s penthouse suite and then very casually asked the concierge if he could book a taxi for him. This taxi was used as his get-away car. This just proves that people never really know if their stuff is secure or not.

The criminal, Jamie Filan, is 32-years-old. He was able to break into Mourinho’s room at Chelsea’s Wyndham Grand Hotel. This hotel is a five-star hotel that prides itself on having great security. Mourinho was staying there with his wife and daughter, who is 16.

Jamie was smart enough to wait until Mourinho was out on business and the rest of his family was out shopping. He took this time to break into the suite and took precious gems from the room. Police say that Filan was able to get past security by using the service lift. Some of the items that Jamie took include a Cartier pendant and a ring and earrings set that is said to be worth £51,450.

Mr Filan may have gotten away with everything had he given up on stealing right then and there. However, he was eventually caught just a few weeks later after trying to steal from another hotel. He attempted to break into a suite at the Four Seasons in Hamilton Place, Park Lane. When he was unsuccessful, he returned the very next night. This time he was grabbed by hotel security.

The Southwark Crown Court later heard that Filan was actually a professional thief. In fact, he had already been in jail for breaking into a home a few months earlier. Not only that, but back in 2007 he was sent to jail for nearly five years after he ran over and killed Michelle Dever, who was a dental nurse. The court feels that this is a classic example of someone who refuses to change no matter how many chances they get. Filan was sentenced to another 31 months in prison.

The prosecutor, Peter Zinner, said that the whole Mourinho family was distressed after the break-in. Filan was able to make this family feel uncomfortable in a five-star hotel with security. He knew what he was doing because he had to plan in order to get past hotel security. In fact, security for the penthouse floor is pretty secure, as it requires people to have a card in order to even use the lift.

Mr Zinner added that Flian was able to access the penthouse level via the service lift. This is an area of the hotel that only the staff are supposed to know about. This was in no way a “lucky burglary.” In order to make this happen he would have to know what he was doing. He would have had to plan out the burglary; this was no random attack.



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