Travel News| Says a Travel Agent Is a Useless Job

Travel agentThe last thing that people want to hear is that their jobs are useless. Either way, United States-based recruitment website has put together a list of jobs that it feels are completely useless in this day and age. Although it put together the list to help people steer clear of these jobs, the website has managed to upset people who are already in these fields.

There were a number of jobs that appeared on’s list of useless jobs. This included jobs such as a medium, sign spinner and atmosphere coordinator. That being said, the job on the list that got the most angry feedback was travel agent. feels that the days of needing a travel agent are gone, and this makes the job completely useless now.

The main reason why most of these jobs ended up on this list is due to technology. For example, most people plan their own trips on their computers now. It is simple to search the internet and find the best deals. This allows people to put together their own holiday packages. However, since planning a trip is not a DIY project, travel agents are not needed. Why pay someone to help create a holiday package that can be easily put together without them? did eventually adjust its statement a little bit on travel agents. It said that it strongly believes that traditional travel agent jobs are no longer needed. However, specialized travel agents still exist and are still needed. That being said, these kinds of travel agents are usually only used by wealthy travellers. Thus this section of the travel agent market misses out on the majority of travellers. At the very least, these few travel agents are able to survive by creating a niche market for themselves. It is a market that they are not willing to share.

Travel agents, however, took to social media sites to defend themselves against this website. One travel agent said try and tell her clients that she is useless. She said that she was able to get her clients hotels when they got stuck in Atlanta during Hurricane Sandy. Instead of them sleeping on the airport floor because they had no way to search for hotels, she was able to get them into a nice comfy hotel.

Either way, is sticking by its original statement. It feels that most of the examples that travel agents gave were isolated incidents that do not happen very often. For example, how often does a couple get stranded at an airport due to a hurricane? Even if it is a few times a year, that alone is not enough to support the entire travel agent marketplace. said that it had nothing to do with how these agents are doing their jobs. In fact, they are doing their jobs great if they have hung in there this long. However, this does not mean that the market is not changing, and it will be hard for people who are looking for a new job to find one as a travel agent.



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