Cat Hangs Onto a Van Travelling 70 mph Down the M1

Cat on vanPeople always say that cats have nine lives. Well, one feline may have recently gone through a few of those lives after he clung onto the roof of a van while it travelled 70 miles per hour down the M1. According to local reports, the cat was hanging on for 12 miles before the van came to a stop.

The cat, which was named Kick Buttowshi after a cartoon character, hung onto a ladder that was attached to the van. Thankfully, Kick was reunited with his family after the owner of the van noticed that the cat had wedged itself in between the van and the ladder.

The driver of the electrician van, Helen Stevens, said that she pulled over to check and see what was wrong after a number of motorists flashed her with their lights. That is where she found the cat holding onto the roof of her van.

The electrician later said that the cat was wedged in between the stepladder and the roof of the van. He was very wide-eyed by the time Helen pulled over to see what was wrong. She went on to say that the cat must have gotten on the van when she stopped at a petrol station in Melton. By that time she stopped, however, they had already gone about 12 miles down the A46 and the M1. She said that she must have been going around 70 miles per hour.

After getting the cat to come off the roof, she was able to take the cat to a veterinary clinic in Leicester called Bell, Brown and Bentley. The cat was looked at there. The veterinaries said that the cat was not harmed, but he was very shaken up by the event.

In order to find the family, the vet put out an appeal online. It was there that the owner of the cat, Ellise Pepper, saw the pictures. Connor Russell, who is Ellise’s five-year-old son, said that he was sure that Kick was scared. He did good to hold on and not fall off.

The family said that they actually started to worry about the cat that night after he did not come back home for dinner. The mother said that the cat never misses dinner so they knew something was wrong right away. She added that the cat hates being alone and usually never leaves the yard. However, he has been known to follow kids because he really loves people.

One of the nurses at Bell, Brown and Bentley, Amanda Walker, said that it was simply miraculous that the cat never fell off the roof of the car. She said that the van was going very fast, and the cat could have easily fallen off at any time. The other nurses at the vet all said the same thing. The cat appeared to be shaken up, but he was extremely friendly. He just looked grateful to be around people again and off the roof of that van.



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