China to be home of the first ever Panda-themed Hotel

Haoduo Panda HotelThere are many different “themed” hotels out there, and some of them are known throughout the world. Take Disney World, for example. They have a very distinguished theme that people travel the world over to see. Now it appears that China wants to get in on that action, but they have their own idea for a theme: Pandas.

Each and every year, China becomes more lax with how many tourists it allows to enter its borders. It is because of that why China’s tourist industry is starting to boom. To take advantage of that, China is opening the world’s first panda-themed hotel.

The hotel is going to be located in Sichuan, China and is called the Haoduo Panda Hotel. Both the exterior and the interior of the hotel will be completely outfitted with panda related decorations. This does include panda dolls, bamboo and even a person who will walk around the hotel in a panda outfit.

The manager of this new hotel said that he believes it will be popular because it is located at the foot of Mount Emei. He hopes that the panda theme will help people be able to return to nature. This is the only way that people are going to find true happiness, and pandas can help them get there.

Just like at other hotels, the rates vary by room. However, according to the hotel, the rates will range from ¥300 to ¥500. This is the same as $59 to $99 per night. It is believed that these hotels will mostly be used by tourists who are visiting China to see the panda sanctuaries that are located close by.

The hotel does not officially launch until May of this year. However, the hotel is currently taking bookings and did have an early launch where a select few guests were able to stay at the hotel early. The reviews from people who stayed at the hotel early were very positive. It will be interesting to see if the hotel can keep up this same satisfaction level when it is finally running at full capacity.

China is the perfect place for such a hotel to be built. After all, tourists from all over the world visit China every year to see the giant panda sanctuaries that are located in southwest Sichuan. It is in these sanctuaries where nearly 30% of the world’s pandas can be found, since the animal is listed as “highly endangered”.

These reserves were set up by the Chinese government to help stop the destruction of the panda’s natural habitat. Despite this, poaching continues to be a huge problem for pandas, as they sell for high on the black market. So far, the government has set up close to 30 panda reserves.

The panda is currently one the World Conservation Union’s Red List of Threatened Animals. There is only believed to be 1,000 pandas left in the wild. There is also close to 140 pandas that live in zoos and breeding centres around the world. Most of these breeding centres are located in China as well.



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