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Chinese tourists are now the biggest source of money for the travel industry

Chinese TouristsWith the global economic crash came people cutting back on their spending. The first thing to go for most was travel. This was simply a luxury they could not afford to spare. Now that the economy is finally getting back on track, people are starting to travel again. That being said, the travel industry is still not back to where it used to be. However, there is one certain group of tourists that seems to be bringing countries all over the world a lot of money, and it is the Chinese.

It has recently been made known that Chinese tourists have become the world’s single biggest source of global tourism income. In fact, Chinese tourists spent more than £67 billion while travelling around the world in 2012 alone. This is an amazing 40% more than what Chinese tourists spent the year before. Not only that, but this puts China ahead of Germany and the United States in terms of money spent by tourists when travelling abroad.

These latest figures were released by the UN World Tourism Organization. According to the organization, this huge surge in tourist spending is thanks to higher incomes. However, they also believe that relaxed travel restrictions and a huge boost in currency also added to this increase.

Although Chinese tourists spent the most, other emerging travel markets saw their tourism numbers jump as well. For example, the Russian Federation saw its tourist spending increase by nearly 32%. This put the amount of money spent by Russian tourists at $43 billion. In terms of ranking, this would put the Russian Federation in fifth for worldwide international tourism spending. This is up two spots from last year, when they placed seventh.

Talbe Rifai, who is the secretary general of the UN World Tourism Organization, said that emerging economies from around the world are leading to a huge growth in overall tourism demand. This is great for the travel industry as a whole. Impressive growth from places like Russia and China reflect just how the tourism market is changing. It also shows that there is a growing middle class in these two countries. In the end, this is really going to change the face of world tourism.

In the United States there is a business called Attract China. This is a company that helps promote Chinese visitors to the US. The co-founder of this business, Evan Saunders, said that Chinese tourists are starting to increase the amount of money they spend when visiting other countries. They are choosing their own holidays now rather than counting on organized tours. In short, the United States has seen a vast increase in the number of Chinese tourists visiting the country. Not only that, but the US has also seen a change in what the visitors want once they visit the country.

Evan Saunders added that this new breed of Chinese tourist is great for the travel industry. He believes this because they are a lot more adventurous than what they use to be. For example, these tourists will now rent cars when visiting the US instead of just using a guided bus tour. This allows them to explore more areas and take their time when seeing the sights.



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